Selected Writing


How the Pink Diamond Became the World’s Hottest Gemstone

Inside Country Music’s Sexy New Style 

J.Lo’s Most Fabulous – and Scandalous – Looks


“Stolen” Exposes Horrors of Pricey Rehabs for “Troubled Teens”

We Used Instagram to Adopt Our Baby

I Was Bullied By Hospital Staff During Childbirth

The Secret Superpower of a Shared Custody Kid

Stay-at-Home Dads Are Finding Out Parenting is Hard


Social Media Stars Reveal How They Get So Rich

How Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Crushed the “Cougar” Stereotype

Chloe Sevigny on Doing Sex Scenes: ‘Oh My God, My Poor Mother’

A-Rod Lost 6.5 pounds in 2 days to Not ‘Look Fat’ at Met Gala


The Waldorf is Closing But its Salad Lives On

The Founding Father of Bling

Secrets from the Barbie Fashion Workshop


TikTok’s Viral Amazon ‘Butt-crack’ Leggings Made Me Feel Naked

I Made Ketchup-and-Mustard Cake, and I’ve Never Regretted Anything More

“Adulting” Calendars Reward Grown-Ass Adults with Stickers

Worst Fashion Trends of 2018: Tiny Sunglasses to Dad Sneakers


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