Selected writing:

I am a retail contributor at See my work here.

Sometimes I write about books for the New York Post.

The Waldorf Is Shutting Its Doors, but Its Salad Will Live On (NY Times)

Social Media Stars Reveal How They Get So Rich (NY Post)

The Secret Superpower of a Shared Custody Kid (NY Times Well)

The Founding Father of Bling (Cuepoint)

Is The Internet Ruining Tattoos? (Racked)

Is Bitcoin Good For Diamonds? (Rapaport)

Beyond De Beers: Will the Diamond Really Be Forever? (Signature)

Selected interviews:

Why Are Diamonds Worth So Much? (NPR Weekend Edition)

Two Spinsters, a Single Mom and Hollywood Conned America into Buying Diamonds (NY Post)

A Brief History of Diamond Rings (WSJ Video)

How One Company Convinced You to Give a Diamond Engagement Ring (Yahoo Finance video)

Interview with Rob Bates at JCK Online

3 Questions with Zandlicious by Irma Zandl

My 24 Hours for the Mandarin Oriental (New York, You Inspire Me series)

Drinking Diaries

“Saia Justa” Brazil (Video, segment in Portuguese but interview is in English)

Marty Moss-Coane for WHYY


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